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    From earrings to diamond necklaces, conventional to modern, charms to layers, we pride ourselves on offering most stylish, innovative and trendy jewellery to the Sri Lankan market today. Furthermore, we offer competitive prices while maintaining highest finishing and raw material quality.

    CC Collection

    Elegant Filigree Ear Studs
    Weight: 2.000g
    Design No:ES039

    Anarkali Collecti...

    Set of Elegant Dust Worked Bangles W-5mm x 6
    Weight: 48.000g
    Design No:BG025

    CNC Collection

    Set of Charming Machine Cut Bangles
    Weight: 56.000g
    Design No:BG119

    DX Collection

    CC Filigree Hand Made DX Pendant
    Weight: 6.000g
    Design No:PN007

    Sanas Collection

    Set of Deluxe Round Wired Bangle
    Weight: 4.000g
    Design No:BG016

    Assorted Collecti...

    Elegant Assorted Design Pendant
    Weight: 3.000g
    Design No:PN005